5 ways to achieve overall wellness in 2021

5 ways to achieve overall wellness in 2021

The year 2020 has drastically changed our way of perceiving our lives. People all around the world had to adjust with the changed pattern of living in enclosed spaces for quite some months. In a nutshell, it affected many spheres of our lives including fitness. Fitness is an invincible part of human life. When we say fitness we mean overall wellness. Not just physical but, mental, emotional, spiritual, and social also. Total fitness is a much intertwined concept.

Post pandemic, in 2021, the times have changed again for us. It has come with opportunities that we should seize without fail. It’s the time to make and create things that we lost grip on in 2020.

Gautam Buddha once said, “To keep the body in good health is a duty, otherwise we shall not be able to keep the mind strong and clear.” Physical, spiritual, mental, emotional, and social all contribute in our holistic fitness. Our bodies cannot work at the optimum level if any of these factors are in poor health.

Therefore, it’s now time to come out of the impact that 2020 has made on our health. This article is going to usher you on how you can achieve overall fitness in 2021;

1. Have a fitness routine

Physical fitness is the enhancer of our movements. It is important to take care of our muscles and calories as much as our mental solace. In this age of “self-love and acceptance”, the meaning of physical fitness has changed in leaps and bounds. Now the term “physically fit” no more adheres to building a well-shaped body. Rather, it is more about feeling fit and healthy from the inside.

Moreover, the idea of physical health also indicates eating clean. So incorporate a diet plan in your fitness regime. Behavioral scientist, Steve Maraboli says “By choosing healthy over skinny, you are choosing self-love over self-judgment.” Thus, no matter whatever your shape is, your fitness mantra for 2021 should be to maintain the equilibrium between a disciplined workout and eating healthy each day.

2. Devote time to mental health

Tough times test our mental strength invariably. Showing resilience during arduous situations is quite commendable but post that one needs to recharge his mental health again. In recent years, mental health has gained immense recognition and importance. Thankfully, people have understood how much mental health can affect our performance and behavior.

Breathe work, meditation, practicing hobbies are some great options that are conducive to maintaining mental health. Sometimes stress can be highly inflicting. In fact, anxiety, stress, and depression are ugly for mental wellbeing. But no matter how bogged down you are with mentally challenging times, you can always help yourself to narrow down stress. Deep breathing exercises are effective in reducing stress. Also, respiratory wellness goes a long way in – controlling blood vessels, sleeping better, digesting food, and improving the immune response of the body.

Moreover, meditation benefits for mental health are extensive. Practicing meditation each day improves focus, concentration, self-esteem, and self-awareness. Take out time to perform hobbies that make you happy. Engage yourself in things that bring serenity to your mental wellbeing.

3. Connect to Spirituality

There are multiple ways to spirituality. To be precise, it works differently for every individual. Swami Vivekananda believed that no one can teach you spirituality but your own soul. It is all about growing from within.

Enlightenment refers to understanding the meaning of your life. It focuses on deeply comprehending your inner dimensions so that you can live in contentment from within. Spiritual health is effective for both mental and physical wellbeing. It does not remove one from the real world but leads them deeper into it. In 2021, you can opt for different ways to practice spirituality.

Yoga helps one to balance physical, mental, and spiritual health. It helps in easing many mental blocks. Similarly, meditation is equally implicit in moving towards spirituality. You can also switch to digital detox and spend time with nature and even your close ones. Journaling is also an effective option. It helps you to create goals and allows you to express yourself on paper. Your mind feels light by journaling. Explore yourself as a person and channelize your inner thoughts and beliefs.


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4. Emotional Wellness over Negativity

Emotional wellness is an infamous concept. People confuse it with mental health. Good emotional health helps one to control every situation in life rationally. It does not let you become too impulsive. It manages how you respond to the things around you both physically and emotionally. Emotional wellness is directly related to bad mental health. Therefore, it is paramount to monitor your emotional health as well.

It is very easy for our brains to get drawn towards negative thoughts. This in return affects our emotional health. Taking care of your emotional health involves keeping your mind away from negativity. Regularly monitor how your inner-self is feeling about the things happening with you. If you are bothered or doubtful about something then clear it out. If you see yourself getting triggered with something, then know its root cause and work on it. The main idea of emotional wellbeing is to not let negative thoughts reside in your mind for too long.

5. Don’t forget Social Fitness

We completely forgot about social fitness in 2020. As humans, we all need to exercise our ‘social muscle’. It is important for us to come out of our online world and nurture our bonds with family and friends. Maintaining social fitness helps you to grow as a person. It educates you a lot about yourself.

Family time is inevitable for maintaining positive social fitness . Work on the bonds among yourselves. It rewardingly makes you grow closer and fonder towards your family. Also, sometimes you might go through a rough patch with your friends or family. Consider solving it out and not holding back. Have positive and fun things to talk about with people. Social fitness goes unnoticed when we talk of total fitness. But indirectly it has a deep impact on all the other spheres of fitness.


Your Takeaway

2020 might have messed with our overall fitness. But we can improve our holistic health unimpededly in 2021. Create small fitness goals and work towards them dedicatedly. Believe in the process and patiently work on it. Overall Fitness is the key to a comfortable and happy life. So make the most of it.