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About our


Built for more than fit. Made for beyond physical.

In many ways, what we wear has an impact on how we feel. And how we feel determines everything we do. Our engines are ignited by these two maxims.

Every piece we make, has all the usual trappings of clothing for men. But Actimaxx is more than that. We’re about breaking down the boundaries of traditional activewear and bringing a new perspective on apparel.

We know that life, especially in fitness, bleeds in.Thus, to be physically healthy, you must first be mentally fit. Actimaxx is dedicated to motivating you to live a completely balanced life.

We design apparel for doers, believers, and trendsetters. Our active leisure wear collection is a blend of soul, mind, and overall wellness.

Our Story


Living the Actimaxx Way 

Get the fundamentals right by living intentionally and with thought and care.

Health and fitness are lifelong crafts. So, count the moments, not the steps.

Nothing well done is insignificant. So, be in constant pursuit of excellence.

Walking in the right direction is more important than speed. So, find the right one.

Never compare yourself to who someone else is today, but who you were yesterday.

Honour not just physical health, but also emotional, mental, financial, and spiritual.


Investing in unified health

Our vision at Actimaxx is simple. We invest in your holistic health by creating ridiculously comfortable, durable and well-made clothes. Because when you’re dressed well, you can focus on the important things in life.

Actimaxx Makes Your Online Shopping Experience Of T Shirts For Men A Smooth One!

Are you seeking to buy comfy t shirts for men online? If you answered yes, Actimaxx might just be your go-to shopping site for a plethora of different athleisure and semi-formal men’s apparel. You no longer need to physically visit a store for the essential wardrobe items. All you require is your phone and a comfortable couch to place an order with us and have your products delivered right to your home.


You’ve pushed your sports or everyday fitness regimen to the next level, and it’s critical to select the good quality t-shirts for men that strike a mix between quality and price. Here are some of the benefits of shopping from Actimaxx:

  • Easy To Compare Products: The best part of purchasing online men’s t-shirts from Actimaxx is that you can compare multiple products in a jiffy. The easy and simplified presentation of price and product specification will let you decide which men’s t-shirt to buy in lesser time compared to traditional shopping.
  • Coupons to Avail: Let’s face it, we spend a significant amount of money to guarantee that our clothes are comfortable, and this depletes our savings. However, when it comes to active leisurewear, Actimaxx offers more intriguing prices than a typical brick-and-mortar store. Great offers with free delivery and occasional freebies, on purchases of men’s t-shirts, can be acquired.
  • Super easy Refunds: You could believe that you won’t be able to sample things or get a feel for the ones you want to buy, but there’s no need to be disappointed. Our e-commerce professionals are experts at designing a plan that allows you to return or exchange all products, including men’s t-shirts until you discover the one that is perfect for you.
  • Ditch The Queue: It is, without a doubt, the most compelling reason why consumers choose to purchase men’s t-shirts and other apparel online. Many individuals, dislike having to deal with a swarm of frantic consumers. Sit back on the couch while browsing online and place your order for your favourite men’s t-shirts without having to wait in line.
  • Shop 24×7: Is it possible to stroll into a business shortly after it closes? The issue itself appears silly, but in reality, online shops operate in such a manner that they can accept orders at any time of day. Even if there are customer service representatives who can assist consumers in every manner they can to resolve their questions or difficulties.
  • Discreet Shopping Experience: You can now keep your lifestyle private by purchasing your choicest men’s t-shirts online and keeping your purchase data hidden from your family and friends. You will receive secure packaging at the time of delivery, allowing you to be comfortable that your items have been handled safely.
  • Buy and Earn: Each time you buy with us, you get appreciated. Registering with us will earn you 50 points. Additionally, for every Rs. 10/- spent on online purchases from our website, you will gain one point. Just shop, collect points and then apply them to your next transaction.

The Difference Between the Activewear, Streetwear, and Athleisure

Activewear or leisurewear has long been connected with the gym, sports, and a few outdoor activities such as jogging, hiking, and so on. As a result, the clothing used for such activities is referred to as activewear in general, which includes comfortable men’s t-shirts too.

Now, as the market has evolved, the wellness and health frenzy has gained control, and individuals are increasingly interested in buying sportswear for yoga, gyms, and fitness. As a result of this transition, the term “athleisure” was developed. Yoga pants, track pants, joggers for men, and men’s t-shirts have been popular athleisure fads in recent years.

Soon after the athleisure explosion, a new kind of sportswear dubbed streetwear emerged, capturing half of the online activewear industry. People choose graphic tees, sweatshirts, hoodies, joggers, and other fashion outfits when looking for streetwear styles. Shawn Stussy and Skateboarders of 1970s California were the first to create the streetwear aesthetic. This look was later embraced by the hip-hop subculture in the 1990s.

What Actimaxx Brings You

We moved to the forefront of fitness or leisurewear commerce since customers’ whims are quicker than the seasons. Here are the products we determined to be the best in the industry to offer to our clients while presenting new strands of sportswear:

  • Polo Tshirt: It is presently one of the most popular styles in men’s t-shirts. When it comes to wearing a simple polo tshirt, it may be worn for informal events or any neighbourhood hangout. Polo tshirts have demonstrated to men how the variety of clothing items inspires creativity. Not only has the comfort level been linked to fashion, but modern, elegant, comfy, and trendy polo tshirts have also been developed.
  • Round Neck T Shirt: This is the most well-known men’s t-shirt design, commonly known as the classic tee. This sort of t-shirt has a round circular neck, which allows you to layer it with other clothing or wear it alone. Actimaxx provides high-quality round neck t-shirts for men that do not smother the skin and let you feel more at ease while wearing them. To achieve a more complete look, tuck the t-shirt into the bottom or leave it untucked.
  • Sweatshirts: Actimaxx has a variety of sweatshirt selections that may offer the wearer a sophisticated casual look. A slim-fitting men’s t-shirt paired with chinos and shoes will give you the style you need for a casual excursion. Otherwise, a sweatshirt with a hoodie or beneath an overcoat would suffice. If you’re wearing jeans or joggers as bottoms, a confident look may be achieved by wearing sweatshirts with large logos or graphic motifs.
  • Track pants: Originally, men’s joggers or track pants were designed for activity and were usually worn by athletes. The majority of these pants include drawstrings or elastic at the ankles and waist. If worn appropriately, track pants are currently the hip and trendy item to wear for many situations.

Benefits of Wearing Right Leisurewear:

Many guys do not see the necessity to spend on leisurewear and consider wearing any men’s t-shirt or bottom wear to get through their daily routine. Casual lounging at a local hangout, on the other hand, does not necessitate your formal everyday attire. Although many people look for comfort in lifestyle items, everyday wear should still be comfortable. Activewear is now worn not only to preserve health and wellness but also to establish a good balance between both the body and mind. Here are a few reasons why you should incorporate active leisurewear, particularly, round neck men’s t-shirts, into your everyday wardrobe:

  • Ease of Movement: When it comes to irritation-free day-long activities, the appropriate men’s t-shirt can make all the difference. Especially if the garments you’re wearing aren’t made of good quality fabric, a regular gym regimen or constant movement throughout the day might create pain and skin irritation. Men’s t-shirts and track trousers from Actimaxx are constructed of high-quality breathable fabric and come in a variety of block colours to help you prepare for any mood you want to establish for the next event.
  • Improved Performance: Quality men’s t-shirts and bottoms have an impact on your performance, whether you are wandering all day or merely doing your daily workout. If you’re a biker, for example, the proper fit of your bottom wear is critical, since drooping bottoms prevent you from breaking records. Furthermore, if you have to stay outside for an extended period and don’t have time to change, being comfortable in the same clothes is essential. In this scenario, you can rely on Actimaxx to help you pick the correct outfit for the many reasons you have for the day.
  • Confidence Booster: Apart from the comfort, when it comes to wearing clothes, there is a feel-good aspect that you can’t ignore. A basic men’s t-shirt and jogger, especially when you’re just hanging around, let you showcase your street-style appearance. When worn appropriately, a good jogger guarantees that your performance at the gym or during an exercise session is not jeopardized.
  • Layering For a Smart Casual Look: Men’s t-shirts and track trousers are not only essential for the summer, but they can also be used to layer beneath an overcoat, suit, or jacket in the winter. Actimaxx is your one-stop-shop for the best men’s t-shirts. Just use our sizing chart and style advice to get the right outfit and turn it into your go-to wardrobe-essentials.