How can men style t-shirts differently?

How can men style t-shirts differently?

Open your wardrobe. What do you find the most? T-shirts.

T-shirts have ruled men’s wardrobes for many years. For men, it has been a reliable go-to option. They are the most effortless and classy piece of clothing that men can have in their daily wear. However, t-shirts have evolved with time in the fashion world. Earlier, men used to wear simple white-colored t-shirts with round necks and short-sleeves. But now t-shirts come in an excellent variety.

It can become quite confusing to understand how to style t-shirts? It is not just about wearing any random t-shirt. Styling it in the right way comes along with it. T-shirts are of various necklines, sleeves, lengths, and fit. Moreover, teaming them with pants or jackets is a big part of wearing a t-shirts fashionably.

We know it becomes quite puzzling at times. So in this blog, we have curated the perfect guide for men to style their t-shirts fashionably. Let us first take a quick look at the variety of t-shirts that we see nowadays:

  1. Polo T-shirts
  2. Round Neck T-shirts
  3. Crew Neck T-shirt
  4. Graphic T-shirts
  5. Plain T-shirts
  6. Henley T-shirt
  7. Hooded T-shirts
  8. Striped T-shirts

Apart from these, T-shirts come in different sleeves as well. The most common types of sleeves are Full Sleeve, Short Sleeve and Mid Sleeve.


Ways to Style T-shirts Fashionably

So how do we style so many different types of t-shirts? It is not as tough as it seems. You will know how to style t-shirts effortlessly with the guide given below;

1. How to style a Polo T-shirt?

Polo T-shirts can conquer both worlds — casual and formal. The reason being the sober collar in the neckline. Also, Polo t-shirts mostly come in short sleeves. So it is a great choice if you are planning to land directly at a casual get-together after a busy day at the office. Let us style the polo t-shirt;

Look 1 — You can style your polo t-shirt with a pair of formal pants. Tuck the t-shirt in and you are all set to charm.

Style T-Shirts Differently - Polo Tshirts For Men - Look 1

Look 2 — For college-going guys, avoid tucking in if you want to team it with a pair of jeans. This will give you a cool look.

Style T-Shirts Differently - Polo Tshirts For Men - Look 2

Look 3 — Pair up your polo neck t-shirt with shorts for a perfect summer day look.

Style T-Shirts Differently - Polo Tshirts For Men - Look 3


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2. How to style a Round Neck T-shirt?

Round neck t-shirts are a staple in every man’s wardrobe. But if you have not realized, it is also the most versatile piece in your t-shirt collection. This is because a basic round neck t-shirt could be designed in various ways that you had no idea about. Also, you can style your round-neck t-shirts for multiple occasions. Here is how to style your basic round neck t-shirt:

Look 1 — Team up your round-neck t-shirt with a sleek blazer and chinos. It is up to you if you want to tuck in or tuck out the t-shirt. In any way, this will give you a very classy look. It is perfect for a destination meeting.

Style T-Shirts Differently - Round Neck Tshirts For Men - Look 1

Look 2 — Grab a pair of joggers and team it up with the round-neck t-shirt. It is quite a relaxing outfit for lounging with friends.

Style T-Shirts Differently - Round Neck Tshirts For Men - Look 2

Look 3 — Go easy by simply pairing your round-neck t-shirt with a pair of trousers or jeans. Avoid tucking in the t-shirt.

Style T-Shirts Differently - Round Neck Tshirts For Men - Look 3


3. How to style a Crew Neck T-shirt?

Perfect for layering, crew-neck t-shirts are definitely a mandatory piece in your wardrobe. They are both comfortable and casual. Crew neck t-shirts have a loose neckline which makes them unique in any t-shirt collection. Here is how you can style your Crew Neck T-shirt;

Look 1 — You can team up denim jeans with your black/white crew neck t-shirt. Avoid tucking the t-shirt. It is perfect for a day of shopping.

Look 2 — For an easy and fun look, grab a pair of dress shorts or bermudas.

Look 3 — Ditch the shirt and pair your crew neck t-shirt with a blazer and trousers of matching colors. Tuck in the t-shirt. This looks perfect!

Style T-Shirts Differently - Crew Neck Tshirt - Look 3


4. How to style a graphic t-shirt?

Graphic t-shirts are fascinating to look at and fun to style. They are great for a casual hangout and also going to the gym. A graphic t-shirt is one of the latest additions to gen z’s style. Not many know how to style a graphic tee. Well, here is how you can style your t-shirt;

Look 1 — Have fun and team up your graphic tee with a leather jacket and denim jeans. This would give you the perfect biker’s look.

Style T-Shirts Differently - Graphic Tshirt - Look 1

Look 2 — For a great workout or yoga session, pick up joggers alongside the graphic tee. This makes perfect activewear.

Graphic Tshirt - Look 2

Look 3 — Create the perfect college outfit by teaming up a pair of jeans and a jacket along with the graphic t-shirt.

Graphic Tshirt - Look 3


5. How to style a plain t-shirt?

What can be easier to pull off than a plain t-shirt? There is no brainstorming for styling a basic t-shirt. They can go well in summers while in winters you can simply layer them up. Here’s how to style a plain t-shirt;

Look 1– Team up your plain t-shirt with a pair of ripped denim jeans and accessorize it with a scarf to add drama. Avoid tucking in the t-shirt.

Look 2 — For a casual summer day, team up your plain t-shirt with shorts. Accessorize the look with a pair of sunglasses and you are all set to go!

Style T-Shirts Differently - Plain Tshirt - Look 2

Look 3 — Deck up with a dapper blazer and a pair of chinos. That’s just enough to layer a plain tee.


6. How to style a Henley T-shirt?

Henley T-shirts are both stylish and comfortable. They are very different from other types of t-shirts. There is a lot to experiment with Henley T-shirts. Celebrities across the globe have styled this t-shirt in the best way possible. Here’s how you can style a Henley t-shirt;

Look 1 — If you have opted for a black Henley t-shirt then wear black jeans. Add a twist and wear a different colored pair of shoes.

Look 2 — Pick up denim jeans with a Henley t-shirt. Accessorize it with a cap, chains, or sunglasses. It was that easy!

Style T-Shirts Differently - Henley Tshirt - Look 2

Look 3 — If you have a half-sleeved Henley t-shirt, then you can pair it up with stone-washed jeans or trousers. The only catch is to tuck the t-shirt in. That’s a smart look, we’d say!

Henley Tshirt - Look 3


7. How to style a hooded t-shirt?

Hooded T-shirts can be worn during all types of seasons. They come with both full-sleeves and sleeveless. Moreover, they are perfect gym wear. Here is how to style a hooded shirt;

Look 1 — Grab a pair of denim jeans with your hooded t-shirt. That’s a simple boy-next-door look.

Look 2 — Wear joggers or track pants with a hooded t-shirt. It is great for morning walks and gym.

Look 3 — You can also pair your hooded t-shirt with cargo pants. That’s a great casual look.


8. How to style a striped t-shirt?

Striped T-shirts do more in less. They are simple but they have an elegant look. The best part is you can style them in many interesting ways;

Look 1 — Style your striped t-shirts with a denim jacket and chinos ( preferably olive in color). Accessorize with sunglasses and white sneakers. That’s a 10/10 look, we’d say!

Style T-Shirts Differently - Striped Tshirt - Look 1

Look 2 — You can also choose to wear your striped t-shirts with shorts. Accessorize it with a Panama hat. That’s an easy vacay look to pull off.

Striped Tshirt - Look 2

Look 3 — Why not opt for a suit and team it up with your striped t-shirt. It’s great for an official meeting too.

Striped Tshirt - Look 3


Things To Keep In Mind While Styling Your T-shirt

Styling t-shirts fashionably involves a few more points that you must follow:

● Color combination

Color combination is also a big part of styling clothes. You cannot go wrong with coordinating colors. So while styling your t-shirt keep in mind the color combination. For example, a white t-shirt will look perfect with a pair of blue denim.

However, there is no thumb rule that only contrasting colors are supposed to look good. You can always experiment and see what looks great on you.

● Fit and length

This goes without saying. Wear t-shirts that fit you perfectly. Glance through the size chart while buying your t-shirts. Well-fitted clothes in proper length with your body give you a smart and organized look. Moreover, who wants to adjust their t-shirts at different intervals of the day?

● Comfort

If you are not feeling comfortable in your t-shirt then what’s the point of styling your t-shirt. Comfort is very important. Therefore, you must pick t-shirts and pants that make you feel comfortable.


Bottom line

You can make a simple t-shirt look fab if you style it fashionably. Also styling your t-shirt depends on the type of occasion that you are going to. T-shirts are a storehouse of styling multiple looks for men. If you hadn’t realized it yet, then we hope you now know!