How Round Neck T-Shirts Could Be Your Perfect Summer Essential

A round-neck t-shirt is a simplest yet most important outfit in anyone’s wardrobe in summer. You might have seen how people nail it in baggy, printed, and body fit styles. But why is this t-shirt type so much in demand? Well, the comfortability and versatility are the two USPs, which have made this t-shirt style so popular among the men population.

When it comes to having collections for Indian summers, you must choose a style that won’t let you fall prey to the unbearable heat. A soft comfortable, and basic piece of clothing is the only option that comes to mind to beat the summer blues. However, if you find it challenging to look stylish and comfortable at the same time, a round-neck t-shirt can be styled in different ways without putting in much effort. Here are a few valid reasons why you should go with a round-neck t-shirt this summer –


1. Easy to Customize:

Round-neck t-shirts come with a ribbed neckline that fits every body shape and size. Ranging from a variety of prints featuring floral patterns to graphics or quirky quotes or simple logos- A lot of options are there to customize a round-neck t-shirt.

2. Layer it Up:

Be it summer or winter, layering t-shirts is one of the basic yet popular styles. So, a nice checkered shirt or a formal jacket can be easily paired with your round-neck t-shirts. Even your formal look can also be transformed into a sleek and chic one by pairing a round-neck tee with a blazer or suit.

3. Compliment Your Personality:

Do you have a long and narrow face with a sloped shoulder? If yes, then this neckline suits best with a snuggle fit. It creates an illusion of a well-rounded silhouette while adding a special charm to your personality.

4. Comfortable & Stylish:

You might have seen how some fashion influencers wear round-neck t-shirts and walk on the ramp customizing their outfits. The most appealing part of this fabulous clothing piece is the comfort and versatility to pair with other clothing items. Make sure you choose soft cotton fabric or its blends during the summer season to keep yourself comfortable from the inside.

5. Make a Statement Piece:

Do you want to use your apparel as a platform to spread your message or share your beliefs? If yes, a plain round-neck t-shirt can offer a nice canvas to print slogans or quotes to support a social cause or event by adding a special touch.

A lot of retailers and e-commerce sellers sell basic or personalized round-neck t-shirts of good quality. If you are looking for a trustworthy retailer online, Actimaxx can offer you multiple options which are made of soft and high-quality fabric and can be customized according to your choice.

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How to Choose a Round-Neck T-Shirt?

Decades ago, t-shirts were being designed to wear as undershirts, which were inexpensive, comfortable, and easy to clean. Undershirts were worn by men for a variety of reasons, from athletes to farmers and labourers. However, modern men are a bit conscious about the right fit, colour, and material that define their sense of style. So, here is a brief guideline to choose the right pair of round neck t-shirts for men

  1. Size & tightness: A t-shirt should be neither too baggy nor too tight. A too-big t-shirt will sag like a shrug and may look unflattering. On the other hand, a too-tight t-shirt will make you look like a stuffed sausage. If you are in good shape, then choose something in a tighter fit than the loose one. In case you are carrying extra weight, a looser fit will be the best bet for you
  2. Shoulder seams: Shoulder seams are the pieces that connect the sleeves to the body, and they should be perfectly aligned with your shoulder ends, not towards your neck or lower on your arms
  3. Shape: You must choose a tee that will follow the shape of your body. Especially, avoid boxy tees that will come with loose-fit sleeves and look like a sandwich board. Well, it’s hard to find a well-fitting round-neck t-shirt that will meet every parameter of your body type. At Actimaxx, you will find a huge collection of round-neck t-shirts with a proper size guide that will let you choose the right tee to compliment your body type
  4. Length: The bottom hem of the tee should not be above your hips and must cover the waistband while extending a few inches below your waistline. Tees shorter in length may show your back/butt whenever you bend over. On the other hand, t-shirts longer than the required length can turn your clothing into an oversized one
  5. Sleeves: The sleeves of a round neck t-shirt may go about halfway up your upper arms or it can be full sleeves with a snug fit. Make sure the sleeves are not too tight when you stretch your arms above.
  6. Material: In general, it is a safe bet to choose a t-shirt that is made from 100% cotton. Natural, static resistant, cool and soft cotton looks and feels great. T-shirt fabrics made of synthetic blends, on the other hand, are less breathable and pill more quickly with use, but a 50/50 blend of cotton and polyester is a fair option. T-shirts made from synthetic fibres wick away the perspiration better and it goes best for workouts
  7. Colour and Design Selection: T-shirts are classified into two broad categories, which are classic and graphic tees. Soon after selecting the right category, t-shirt colours including white, navy, grey, black, red, green, or purple may work fine depending on how you carry them.

5 Tips to Look Smart in Round-Neck T-Shirt:

  1. Pair with Right Bottoms: The most common way to style a round-neck t-shirt is to pair them with short pants, jeans, or trousers. While keeping you comfortable, it will give you a complete casual look when paired with sneakers. For example, try white t-shirts with jeans or chinos and finish the look with a pair of boots.
  2. T-Shirt Worn Along with Shirt: Want to try a cool and edgy look? Try wearing a shirt over a round-neck t-shirt. To make a style statement, layer your round-neck tee with a checked open shirt which can be plain or graphic printed. For a sober look, try the combination of a t-shirt in a dark shade with a light blue shirt.
  3. Classy and Professional Look: If you want to pull the professional look, then try pairing the tee with a suit when you want to go office or for business meetings. A simple black or white round-neck t-shirt will elegantly complement the colour of the suit. All you have to make sure the t-shirt must be slim-fit to sit properly under your suit without looseness over the waistband.
  4. T-Shirt With Denim Jacket and Blue Jeans: Denim on denim is the trendsetter nowadays. If you want to go for a casual outfit, trust denim blindly. For their airport outfits, several celebrities have been seen sporting a white t-shirt with a blue denim jacket and jeans in the same colour. Apart from this, you can consider wearing a black t-shirt with blue denim or black denim. Even, a grey t-shirt with blue or black denim will look nice together.
  5. Sports Look: It would probably be one of the best methods to pair a round-neck t-shirt with a hoodie. Especially, if you want a complete casual or streetwear look, try pairing it with a coloured hoodie matching your outfit. Be it a walk down the street or hitting the gym, you can carry this look everywhere. For example, pair a black hoodie with a black t-shirt and black denim jeans, or try pairing a blue denim-coloured hoodie with a white t-shirt and black denim jeans. Make sure the hoodie is well-fitted for dressing down when wearing these outfits.

Winding up here, you must keep in mind to pair your round-neck t-shirt right and carry them with confidence. However, it is also necessary not to challenge the dress code that a place or an occasion demands. Since every outfit has its place and time, it’s important to choose the right outfit and spread the charm wherever you go.