Monsoon Fashion Tips For Men

Monsoon is the season that calls for a change in your wardrobe. If you are a fashion lover, then you may want to experiment with different styles this season. To make things easy for you, we have listed below some fashion tips that you can follow during the monsoon.

Top Monsoon Fashion Tips For Men

1. Style With a T-Shirt

To achieve a fashionable look, you can style yourself this monsoon with some t-shirts. They are suitable for this kind of weather. So, you can buy some and wear them whenever you go to meet your friends. Wearing a t-shirt will ensure that you remain comfortable all day long.

Even while you are going to the gym, you can wear a t-shirt. This is how you can make a style statement and be the centre of attention while you break a sweat. For this, we will also be talking about what kind of fabric you must go for.

2. Try Athleisure

You need not necessarily be an active person but wearing athleisure will give you the motivation to be fit. When it comes to the latest fashion trends for men, athleisure has become the talk of the town. In case you want to go out to the movies, a morning or evening walk with a friend of yours, you can wear athleisure.

There is a range of athleisure that you can check out. For instance, you can wear track pants. Track pants are a classic in athleisure for men, so wearing them can transform your entire look.

3. Make Cotton Your Best Friend

During monsoons, making your clothes sweatproof is as important as making your clothes rainproof. When you sweat, it can leave behind some marks on your clothes that can ruin your clothes. In addition, sweat can make you smell bad. Because of this, it is vital to guard your clothes against sweat.

Wearing cotton clothes will help you to keep sweat at bay. You can look for t-shirts and round-neck shirts with cotton fabrics. This will prevent sweat from staining your clothes. Lastly, cotton clothes will allow the inflow of air that will help you to remain fresh at all times.

4. Do Away With Denim

Drying your denim can be a task during the monsoon. So, avoid wearing denim outside when there is a chance of a heavy downpour. If you decide to do otherwise, you may regret your decision later. So, try going for light fabrics when you are stepping out during the rains.

5. Know The Right Fabric

Apart from cotton, you can go for other fabrics like polyester and chiffons. They will keep you comfortable and they will help you to be dry when it is raining. You must avoid silk and wool for the same reason you must avoid denim as they take a long time to dry.

6. A Variety Of Colours

When the weather is dull, it can be depressing to step out. However, you can change your mood by picking bright colours for your t-shirts. Some of the colours that you can choose are yellow, green, purple, and orange.

Another thing that you must keep in your mind is that you must avoid colours that are too light for your trousers and track pants. It is because a splash of mud can ruin your clothes. Hence, make sure to steer clear of them.

7. Go For Printed Shirts

Printed shirts add a stylish element to your look. Try them on when you want to bring out your goofy or quirky side. You can also wear them when you are heading to a party or when you are going to a friend’s place for a game night.

T-shirts with graphic prints will also make you stand out from the crowd. So, do not stop yourself from exploring such bold prints.

8. Stay Away From Leather

Humidity during the monsoon can affect the leather. Thus, whether it is your favourite leather jacket or leather shoes, you must avoid them at all costs if you want to save them from this weather.

9. Keeping It Light

Men can wear printed cotton t-shirts and pair them with some cotton trousers. Do not make the mistake of wearing heavy clothes like blazers. This will help you to move around in a comfortable manner irrespective of whether you are at work or your home.


To look stylish this monsoon, you can start by wearing t-shirts. T-shirts with graphic prints and bright colours bring out your fun side when you are having a game night with your guy friends. Similarly, you must avoid wearing heavy clothes and fabrics such as denim and leather as they can take a long time to dry and humidity can ruin your favourite leather. Instead, you can try wearing cotton clothes. They are light and comfortable and perfect for the monsoon weather. Athleisure is also your best option to make a fashion statement whenever you go out of your house. They are in fashion and will help you to stay fit and active this monsoon season while also looking attractive.