Style Guide For Men to Wear Polo T-shirt and Be Summer-ready

Do you want to try something light yet dignified outfit this summer? Get into the world of polo t-shirts and read on this content to make sure your fashion game is on point. Polo t-shirts are quite popular for their comfort and versatility. Not just for summers, you can wear them practically for any occasion at any point in time.

Polo neck t-shirts can be easily identified by typical collars, which feature slightly rounded corner-tips and a placket with 2-3 buttons. The stretchy and cozy fabric makes the Polo t-shirt very popular among the ritzy people.

In the 19th century, polo t-shirts gained prominence from being worn by players during polo matches. The British army wore these t-shirts at the game of polo, which originated in India. It was the time when polo t-shirts were made of thick cotton with long-sleeves and collars that can be buttoned down to prevent flapping.


The fabric according to the body type:

Whether you know it or not, polo t-shirts suit all body shapes and sizes. In addition to this, it is also necessary to consider the type of material the t-shirt is made of before buying it. Here is a quick breakdown to know about the polo t-shirt materials in detail-

  • Pique cotton:

    Pique cotton shirts are made of cotton yarn with slight ribbing in them. If you have a heavier body with a wider physique, the textured fabric of a polo t-shirt hugs the body properly without highlighting the less flattering areas of the stomach and chest.

  • Cotton and cotton blend:

    If you are not too conscious about your look, then cotton and cotton blend polo t-shirts are a perfect choice. This is a softer and more comfortable kind of material than the pique cotton. Whether you are wearing it alone or underneath a jacket, a cotton blend polo t-shirt can give you a sleek and modern look.

So, if you are trying polo t-shirts for the first time, it’s better to stick to the plain tees in muted colours like white, black, navy, grey, etc. These are some versatile colours that go with the different skin tones and body types. You need to select a colour that will complement your skin tone. Irrespective of the polo t-shirt’s design, wear one that boosts your confidence.

Tuck in or hang it out?

It is the question among most men out there whether to tuck it inside or leave it hanging outside. Well, if you are not a professional golfer, then it is advised not to tuck a polo t-shirt into your pants. In case you are wearing a jacket with a polo underneath, then tuck only the front part of the t-shirt, which will partially cover your belt. Without overdoing things, it will give you a stylish look.


Do’s and don’ts of styling with polo t-shirt:

Today, polo t-shirts are one of the most exclusive casual outfits due to their versatility. Right from comfort to stylish appearance, it gives a perfect blend of casual and business style. However, due to lack of some thoughts, we make a lot of fashion blunders while trying out one. Read out the section below to be aware of the fashion mismatches.


  • Think beyond jeans:

    There is no doubt that polo and jeans look great together, but there are a lot of other ways you can experiment with your attire. Instead of limiting your choices, pair your favourite polo t-shirt with joggers, chinos, shorts, and formal trousers. For example, you can pair a simple black polo t-shirt with navy blue chinos and finish your look with loafers. For a sporty look, you can pair a white polo t-shirt with black joggers and complete the look with white sneakers.

  • Choose the right size:

    For a crisp and classy look, make sure your untucked polo t-shirt doesn’t extend more than your back length, i.e., the length should end before touching the hips. In case you are confused to decide the right one between two sizes, raise the arms and look for the required length of the t-shirt.

  • Do at least one buttoned-up:

    Undone buttons give an untidy and flabby look. Do at least one button to get a balanced look. Though it is an individual choice whether you button up completely, one must ensure not to keep all the buttons undone.

  • Check the sleeves:

    Don’t forget to check whether the sleeves are too loose or too tight around your biceps to ensure maximum comfort. A polo t-shirt with a good fit complements your chest and arms while giving your mid-section and waist a snug fit.

  • Choose the right colours:

    A casual look doesn’t demand the attire to be strictly in the right colour. However, if you want a sophisticated look for work, try luxury polo, which may include colours like navy blue, light blue, yellow, white, green, red and grey, etc.



  • Don’t wear as an undershirt:

    A polo shirt with good fit sufficiently cover all the right places. Whereas undershirts help to soak sweat give additional solace, abstain from wearing one under a polo t-shirt. The undershirt will start slipping from the sleeves or may get crumpled at the collar.

  • Don’t pop up your collar:

    Those days are gone raised collar was the trend. If you love this style just to protect your neck from darkening by the sun rays, then you must use the right sunscreen to protect your skin instead of hiding it behind the collar.

  • Don’t go for large logos:

    Large logos on polo t-shirts is a recent trend. It all started with Ralph Lauren, and it later progressed to other brands. Though it is unavoidable to have a polo t-shirt with its signature mark, you should refrain from customizing polos with large logos.

  • Never wear a polo t-shirt with a blazer:

    Some men think that wearing a polo t-shirt under a blazer look smart. Well, it’s not the truth! Since the soft collars don’t lay flat, they will come out from the chest piece of the blazer and ruin the entire look. A blazer always goes perfectly with a dress shirt.


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Cool ways to style a Polo T-shirt:

The distinctive collar, colours, and buttons have made polo t-shirts one of the most loved choices among men. Whether you are dressing it down or up, you can create some amazing combinations with other pieces of clothing. Get an idea in the sections below to keep your style game on point this summer.

  • Polo t-shirts with chinos:

    Are you looking to dress in style between smart casual or semi-formal? Why not pair a polo t-shirt with chinos for a sleek and sophisticated look? Finish your look with boat shoes, black shoes, sneakers, or sports footwear.

  • Polo t-shirts with jeans:

    When it comes to wearing something classic and casual, pair your polo t-shirt with denim jeans. All you have to make sure that your jeans are not sloppy. It will enhance your personality while uplifting your swag quotient.

  • Polo t-shirts with formal pants:

    Do you want a formal outfit with a relaxed vibe? Try combining your polo t-shirts with formal pants. For a sleek look, choose darker palettes like navy, charcoal, or brown.

  • Polo t-shirt with track pants:

    Though it is quite tricky to pull off the track pants with polo t-shirts, if it is done right, it can make you feel and look great.


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